Are you a college student wondering what your professional future holds?


A career as a Maryland teacher is both rewarding and fun - and you can choose from a wide range of subjects and programs to fit your needs and interests.

Undergraduate Options

There are more than 300 professional educator certification programs at 23 colleges and universities across Maryland. You can choose from 45 teaching areas to specialize in - from science, to art, to physical education, to a foreign language. If you enjoy the mountains, the beach, or the city we have a program at a college which will excite you. There are also financial supports available to help make your college costs more manageable.

Considering a Mast​er's Degree?

If you already have a bachelor's degree and are considering a master's, you may have a pathway to becoming a teacher. In Maryland, one way to acquire a teacher's certification is to obtain your master's degree, but be sure that you select a program which offers certification such as a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT).You can start your search for the perfect fit by clicking Maryland Program Approval of College/University-Based Preparation Programs​.