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Our Vision

Join Generation Blueprint and build the future with us. Teach Maryland.

Effective teachers are essential to student achievement, that’s why Maryland is laser-focused on attracting and retaining the highest quality professionals in the teaching profession.

Learn more about becoming a Maryland Educator through the resources provided on this site, and join the Teach Maryland team! We need your energy and innovation to ensure that all students achieve and thrive - and we are confident that you will find your purpose and calling as we transform Maryland education together.

Recognizing that educators are the most important school-based factor in a student’s success, the Blueprint for Maryland's Future elevates the teaching profession. The Blueprint specifically increases starting teacher salaries and requires career ladders to leadership positions, while also raising the rigor of teacher preparation programs.

With the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future, teaching has never been more rewarding! With higher salaries, career ladders, scholarships, grants, and the support you need to succeed, you can join us in transforming MD education. We are Generation Blueprint and we are transforming Maryland education.

Join us. Teach Maryland.