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Mary​land's Subject Areas with the Highest Need

While hiring needs change each year, Maryland is always looking for candidates who are passionate about sparking student success in critical subject areas, including the ones discussed below.

Special Education

Maryland teachers working with special needs populations provide individualized support in schools across the state to ensure students with unique learning requirements meet their maximum potential. Our bold vision is that all students, regardless of their challenges, will be ready for school success. These students will excel and be prepared for college, career, and community living. Our vision is to close existing gaps between children with disabilities and their non-disabled peers through focused intervention, support, and quality special education teachers.

Science, Technology, and Mathematics​ (STEM)

Maryland is investing in STEM education to secure Maryland's place as a national leader and globally competitive in STEM education, pre-K through 20, in STEM workforce development, and in STEM-based economic growth and job creation. Teachers in these fast-paced and leading-edge fields must prepare our students to serve as not only as competitive contributors, but innovators for the knowledge-based economy of the future.

Professional and Technical Education, Business Education, and Family and Consumer Sciences​

Career and Technical​ Education (CTE) prepares both youth and adults for a wide range of careers. These careers require varying levels of education -- from high school and postsecondary certificates to apprenticeships, or two- and four-year college degrees. Students add value to their overall education by completing CTE programs of study that provide opportunities to earn industry-recognized credentials and college credit while still in high school.

English to Speakers of Other Languages,​ and Foreign Languages

In Maryland, our students speak over 200 languages and come from all over the world. Teachers working with English learners empower students to succeed across subjects. There are also 13 foreign languages taught in Maryland schools. Our foreign language teachers prepare Maryland students for success in a diverse 21st-century world! High-demand languages include Spanish, French, and Chinese.

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