Are you a high school student interested in a teaching career?

Attending high school and planning for a future career can be daunting, so we want to make the path to becoming a teacher in Maryland as clear and straightforward as possible. Below are steps you can take to become a Maryland educator.


Step 1: Talk to your school counselor about how to become a teacher

Need to know where to start? Want to get a head start on earning college credits? Interested in tutoring to get some experience? Your school counselor can guide you in the right direction!

Step 2: Explore teaching opportunities and training while in high school

Did you know that nearly all school systems in Maryland offer a Teacher Academy of Maryland (TAM)? TAM is designed for students interested in exploring a career in education. The program offers opportunities to learn about human growth and development, teaching as a profession, how to develop and deliver lesson plans, and the chance to participate in an education internship. Upon completion of the program, you can receive college credits and scholarships to several Maryland teacher preparation programs.

You can also earn college credits and save time and money on your college education by completing a Dual Enrollment program. Click here to find out what colleges in your area offer credits.

Step 3: Enroll and complete a teacher preparation program

There are more than 300 teacher preparation programs at 23 colleges and universities across Maryland. You can choose from 45 teaching areas, including specialties that​ are experiencing shortages so your employment options are optimized. Click here​ to learn which colleges and universities offer a teacher preparation program in the subject area of your choice.

Planning on starting at a community college before enrolling in a 4-year college or university?

Consider an Associate of Arts (AAT) program at one of Maryland's two-year community colleges. These programs are designed to link up with four-year programs to provide opportunities to achieve teacher license. For assistance in finding the right AAT program for you, reach out to the AAT Program Contacts​.

Step 4: Apply for a Maryland teaching license

​Once you've completed a teacher preparation program and passed the required Maryland tests, it's time to apply for a teaching license. Visit the MSDE Teacher Licensure​ website to learn more.

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To find a teaching job, visit the job opportunities website​ of the county in which you want to apply. You can apply to as many counties as you wish! Teachers are needed all over the state.